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Our Business

Project Feasibility studies

Many solar projects/development plans cannot be completed because of poor advance planning. Our team is able to evaluate and analyze risks and possibilities in order to source only projects that promise good outcomes. We are also regularly consulted by outside parties to give opinion and solutions to technical difficulties.

Licenses and Permits

Our service includes the acquisition of all permits and licenses necessary for project development. We are able to coordinate with the government and private sectors to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly with the aim of quickly connecting to the national grid.

Land Development

Land preparation is an important civil engineering component of our service, which can involve complicated land leveling and tree cutting, among other tasks.

Design and Engineering

Our engineers design photovoltaic (PV) installations that maximize output for the lifetime of the project based on land, location, and solar irradiance (available solar power based on location).

Procurement and Construction

Our EPC partner is a world renowned international company recognized for its technology and expertise in solar project development. Together, we are able to conduct and install both small- and large-scale projects. Our service includes land and project development, design and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).

Finance Structuring

Solar projects are big investments. Our team can assist in designing a realistic financial model using downside risk analysis, giving a more accurate and realistic cash flow and earnings picture. The service also extends to assisting with cash flow planning.

Project Insurance

To ensure that your investment is secure, PSCL also provides All Risks and Performance Insurance that will cover unforeseen damage or destruction, operation disruption, and loss of revenue if the annual energy drops more than a certain percentage or forecasted productivity.

Operations and Maintenance

Our service can be extended to last the entire project lifetime. After construction is completed, we offer operations, monitoring, maintenance, inspection, repair and on call services.