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Company Profile

Premier Solution Company Limited or PSCL is a renewable energy project consultant, developer, constructor, and operations & maintenance service provider. The company was founded in 2013. As a subsidiary of Chow Steel Industries Public Company Limited, it was established as a vehicle to take advantage of an increasing global demand for renewable energy. The PSCL team has a combined 20 years worth of experience in the industry worldwide, ensuring that that we can deliver the best solution to our investors.

PSCL has 3 business models: turnkey solution model, joint venture model, and self-invest model.

In the turnkey solution model, PSCL will vertically develop projects, from license and permit acquisition, construction, operations and maintenance, to financial consultancy services. With this solution, PSCL absorbs all the development risks, allowing investors reap the outcomes worry-free.

The joint venture model is for investors who wish to own their project but are reluctant to absorb 100% of the risk. PSCL will co-invest in the project while developing it, sharing the risks and the rewards with the joint venture partner.

The self-invest model is what sets PSCL apart from other developers in the market. In this model, we examine projects from the investor’s point of view, rather than the developer’s, taking full ownership of all risks and benefits.